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Student Mobility

Connecting Australian universities with global partners for more than 10 years.

By engaging with local partners, AVI ensures projects are driven by in-country strategic need while also suiting the academic requirements of students. AVI guarantees bespoke programs that are culturally appropriate, support existing community initiatives thatlead to sustainable development outcomes.

Through our extensive network of government, corporate, non-government, community-based and civil society partner organisations across the Indo-Pacific region, AVI can meet your academic requirements and provide an extraordinary, real-world learning experience to your students.

We know organising student mobility programs takes time and for some universities, academics are organising this in addition to their academic workload. AVI can relieve this administrative burden and ensure each student is prepared for and supported throughout the placement experience.

Our expertise in program promotion, recruitment, mobilisation, cross-cultural preparedness, in-country management, public diplomacy and return home debriefing means we are uniquely positioned to develop bespoke student mobility programs to suit a variety of university needs.

Many providers offer student mobility services, however an un-regulated industry has resulted in the emergence of numerous volunteer tourism or ‘voluntourism’ operators.These organisations do not have the same level of security and safeguarding AVI provides. Indeed, partnering with a ‘voluntourism’ provider can place your students at increased risk and supports practices and institutions that do harm in developing countries. As a member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID), you can rest assured AVI meets the highest standards of quality in the development sector.

AVI is committed to ensuring student mobility programs are beneficial for students, universities and the communities in which we work, meaning your program will be experience-rich, ethical and contribute to long-term sustainability.

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The Mobility Process

Project Design

  • Priority locations and academic requirements identified
  • International partner organisations identified
  • Due diligence completed
  • Risk and security appraisal
  • Critical incident and emergency management plans developed

Project Promotion

  • Projects advertised
  • Information sessions delivered by AVI

Student Selection

  • Students apply via dedicated student portal
  • Student interviews held
  • Student selection in conjunction with universities and partners

Pre-departure Service

  • Online courses and resources
  • Full day pre-departure workshop
  • Visa, medical and police check support

In-country Support

  • Local Coordinator available 24/7
  • AVI Program Manager on call 24/7
  • In-country orientation/briefing
  • Pastoral care
  • Weekly Monitoring and Evaluation activities

Return Support

  • Customised re-entry workshop
  • Student Alumni opportunities
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1 2 3 4 5 6

At AVI, we believe overseas experience is essential to ensure your students develop the knowledge, skills and awareness to thrive in a global workforce. It helps them gain a unique perspective in their chosen field of expertise, develop cross-cultural awareness and become career-ready global citizens

AVI provides a highly customisable, faculty-led student mobility service for Universities. We work with you to develop a fit-for-purpose program, ensuring your students engage in a fully immersive cultural experience, while also providing peace of mind they are supported by a world class safety and security scheme.



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